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Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Pens, Fine Point, Blue Ink, Dozen (31021)

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Retractable gel pens for everyday writing tasksBlue ink is easy to readFine tip ensures crisp lines with every use



Write smoothly without skipping on paper using this 12-pack of Pilot G2 premium fine-point retractable blue gel roller pens.Enhance your notes with these Pilot G2 premium retractable gel roller pens. A molded rubber grip adapts to your hold, making writing comfortable, while the transparent barrel lets you keep an eye on the ink supply, preventing them from running out unexpectedly. These Pilot G2 premium retractable gel roller pens have a quick-drying, acid-free formula, allowing them to last longer than other gel inks.Retractable gel pens for everyday writing tasksBlue ink is easy to readFine tip ensures crisp lines with every useClear barrel for easy monitoring of ink levelsComfort grip for superior controlFeatures a pocket clip for convenient carryingRefillable ink allows pens to be reused instead of being replaced to save moneyAn ergonomic pen with a rubber grip to ensure better control and a better writing comfortPilot G2 retractable gel ink pens Give Professional ResultsChoose Pilot G2 retractable gel ink pens for your workplace writing needs. These pens work smoothly and consistently, making your employees happy. They also boast long-lasting ink for fewer pen replacements, making the business happy as well.Gel Ink Provides a Smooth, Professional Writing ExperienceNothing’s more annoying than a pen that chooses to quit at the vital moment, be it signing a business contract or finally finishing the rest of your crossword puzzle. Even worse is a pen that fades in and out as you use it, resulting in a scrawl that looks like a child did it. Pilot G2 retractable gel pens provide a smooth, flawless writing experience that keeps your business looking professional and minimizes the chance of employees throwing their pens across the room in frustration. Furthermore, the all-purpose blue ink lends credibility to all your documents.Fine Tips Allow for Delicate WorkFor those documents that have limited space or require small penmanship, this gel pen boasts a fine tip. It allows employees to do delicate work, like neatly signing their names in the 1-inch square space available or cramming some more comments onto the sticky notes attached to the break room refrigerator.Long-Lasting Ink Keeps Going and GoingThe ink, like the Energizer Bunny, keeps going and going, meaning that employees can use it as their go-to writing utensil in all their writing, and break room, needs. When the ink finally does run out, the pens are refillable, ultimately saving the company money and being friendly to the Earth.Smooth Grips Reduce Hand FatigueAlthough the ink keeps going, sometimes hands do not. Luckily, the smooth grip relaxes the hand and reduces hand fatigue, enabling employees to work more efficiently.

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