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Sparkling Mani Pedi Makeover Kit

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Treat yourself to a day at the spa with help from this Sparkling Mani Pedi Makeover Kit. This kit comes with pink, yellow, blue, and purple glitter nail polish, an inflatable pedicure tub, pink glitter toe separators, a nail file with a unicorn on the front, and a pair of flip flops. Grab this vegan-friendly, paraben and phthalate free kit the next time you and your friends decide it’s time for a makeover to create a sparkling manicure that everyone will adore!
Full Text:

Unicorns Believe In Me


Kit Contains:

4 – Sparkling Nail Polishes (0.17 Fluid Ounces Each)
1 – Inflatable Pedicure Tub
2 – Toe Separations
1 – Pair Of Flip Flops
1 – Nail File
1 – Easy To Follow Instructions

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