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The Creation Story Color Me Wheels Craft Kit

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Spin your way through the story of Creation! The Creation Story Color Me Wheels Craft Kit makes learning the Bible fun by allowing you to color each day of the story. Place the pin in the center, and spin the wheel to reveal what happens on all seven days of Creation.
Assembled Dimensions:

Diameter: 9″


Kit Contains:

12 – Bases
12 – Wheel Pieces
12 – Metal Brads


Text Includes:

Day 1 – God Created Light And Separated The Light From The Darkness.
Day 2 – God Created The Sky. 
Day 3 – God Created The Land, Sea, Plants, And Trees.
Day 4 – God Created The Sun, Moon, And The Stars.
Day 5 – God Created Animals In The Sea And Those That Fly.


Kit makes 12 color me wheels.

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